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Asset Security Protection

Asset / Close Protection

When it comes to protection, Security Presence work with our clients to safeguard their assets, whether this is people, property or an intellectual asset, offering peace of mind in response to a perceived or actual threat.


We offer a comprehensive and bespoke security solution, from initial risk assessments and planning, through to execution and reporting, and can also work in conjunction with existing security teams to enhance protection.


Close Protection

As high-profile senior executives, diplomats, celebrities, religious leaders and royal family members travel the globe, security and political threats increase.


Security Presence can provide close protection teams consisting of bodyguards, personal escorts or concierge services, who can attend conferences, functions, events and public appearances with clients to offer overt or discreet protection as necessary.

Our Services Include:

  • Country risk reports

  • One-off or regular assignments

  • Personal close protection

  • Threat monitoring

  • Vehicle and building inspection (property, venue or accommodation)

  • Advanced security assessment

  • Counter-surveillance

  • Supervising travel arrangements

  • Organising and implementing arrival and departure procedures

  • Consultancy on security equipment

  • Crisis response

  • Luxury VIP transport services (including armoured vehicles)

  • Vehicle leasing, private aircraft and helicopter transfers

  • Collection from airports

  • Attending special occasions or high profile events


Asset Protection
Transportation of gold, jewellery or virtual assets such as computer data can at time pose a high security risk. As crime becomes more sophisticated and data is increasingly valuable, its safeguard from competitors has never been more important in maintaining a competitive advantage.


Offering a security escort service for vehicles and aircraft carrying high-value items or transportation of small, single item such as computer chips, Security Presence are ready and equipped to assist.


Our Services Include:

  • Detailed risk assessments

  • One-off or regular assignments

  • UK and overseas coverage

  • Route and logistical planning

  • Counter-surveillance

  • Low-profile transit

  • Secure GPS-tracked vehicles


All close and asset protection team members are SIA-licensed and selected from the industry’s finest, many holding advanced driving qualifications from either a police or military background. In addition to mandatory requirements, protection members are trained in Conflict Management and Physical Intervention skills and demonstrate a proactive and confident skill set. Security Presence also have strategic working relationships with police and local authorities, enabling us to monitor trends and respond accordingly.

For a free, discreet and professional consultation please get in touch with today by calling 0800 987 5365 or via our contact form.

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