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Construction Guards


With a wealth of experience in protecting construction sites across Swindon, Wiltshire and the UK, Security Presence understands the vulnerability of the construction industry. With materials and equipment routinely left overnight, it is easy to see why sites are a regular target for thieves.

Experienced guards continually patrolling site perimeters day and night offer a visual deterrent to potential perpetrators, including staff with a legitimate reason to be on-site.

In addition to theft, vandalism can be an equal concern with the potential to delay projects and incur large expenses. As sites may have multiple points of entry, children often use them as a playground, bringing a further risk. Effective guarding is endorsed by most insurers and lowers premiums and legal exposure.

Our Services Include:

  • Site patrols

  • Confrontation management

  • Control room operations (CCTV)

  • Civil arrest and police liaison

  • Challenging suspicious traffic at the gatehouse

  • Logging all staff and vehicle movements

  • Provide access control

  • Remotely operating barriers

  • First aid and emergency response

  • Fire prevention and detection


Our services include the addition of movement sensors to quickly draw guards’ attention to potential break-in attempts. This is particularly useful and popular on larger sites, since it reduces the number of guards necessary to maintain the perimeter, and offers peace of mind in the most cost-effective manner.

All our guards undergo a rigorous selection process and are trained in Conflict Management, Physical Intervention Skills and Fire Management, in additional to mandatory SIA licensing. Security Presence has strategic working relationships with police and local authorities, and are therefore able to monitor trends and respond quickly and effectively in any situation.

To ensure absolute transparency in our services, we use a checkpoint system where our guards must swipe checkpoints which can then be downloaded at the end of every shift. This allows for perfect client reporting from our management information system either weekly or monthly.

To find out how we can help you today, and for a free consultation, call us on 0800 987 5365 or get in touch via our contact form.

Call today on: 0800 987 5365
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