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Event Festival Guards


When planning any event, appropriate security provisions are essential in fulfilling safety and legal requirements. Regardless of the scale, complexity or venue, Security Presence as badge-holders offer a complete, tailor-made solution for your event.


The ultimate goal for any event is that everyone has a good time in a safe environment. Security Presence’s bespoke events service helps you achieve this in a professional and cost-effective manner. All security and event solutions supervisors have passed the National Certificate in Door Supervision and our pre-event risk assessments, operational plans, method statements and SIA assessment reports ensure that every eventuality is covered.

Whether your event is annual, monthly, weekly or one-off, Security Presence can provide an experienced events manager to oversee the event. From initial risk assessments and planning through to the event itself and a final debrief, we can offer a bespoke solution for all event types from football stadiums and race courses to summer balls and county shows.


Our Services Include:

  • Facilitating the smooth running and operation of your event

  • Body screening

  • Crowd management

  • Controlling ingress and egress of the event and all exits

  • Ticket inspections

  • Preserving your operating licence

  • Assisting patrons and dealing with their concerns

  • ID checks for legal age requirements

  • Adherence to dress codes

  • Preventing drink- and drug-related issues

  • Disallowing known troublemakers

  • Upholding search policies

  • Civil arrest and police liaison

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Providing a visual presence to ensure everyone behaves

  • Ejecting anyone fighting or causing trouble

  • Personal liability insurance when working in your venue

  • Ensuring that visitors have a positive experience in a safe environment

  • Appropriate incident reporting for both your own records and for the authorities

  • A friendly face at all events with an emphasis on safety


Our DBS-vetted stewards/guards are carefully selected and in additional to mandatory SIA licensing, are trained in Spectator Management, Physical Intervention Skills, Fire Management, Emergency Response and Communication Skills. Our strategic working relationships with police and local authorities allow us to monitor trends and respond accordingly in any situation.

For a free discreet and professional consultation, please call Security Presence today on 0800 987 5365 or via our contact form and our management team will shortly be in contact.

Call today on: 0800 987 5365
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