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Nightclub Door Staff


Gone are the days when frontline security involved tough-looking 'bouncers' ready and willing to embroil themselves physically for their own amusement. A new era of professionalism has swept throughout the industry, which is fortunate when you consider that door staff are the representatives making that all-important first impression on potential patrons.


Although different venues attracting different demographics impose a variety of logistical challenges, fundamentally the shared goal of frontline guarding is that everyone has a good time in a safe environment. Security Presence assess your requirements to achieve just that, working to uphold integrity, safety and ultimately safeguarding your licence and ability to operate. Fundamentally, this can be achieved in four main ways: 1) access control, 2) crowd management, 3) health and safety within the venue and 4) by safely ejecting any individuals who are deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Our Services Include:

  • Maintaining your businesses integrity

  • Preserving your operating licence

  • Providing access control

  • Carrying out ID checks for legal age requirements

  • Enforcing adherence to dress codes

  • Ensuring there are no drink- or drug-related issues

  • Disallowing known troublemakers

  • Disallowing drug pushers

  • Weapon and drug detection

  • Civil arrest and police liaison

  • Keeping entrances and exits clear

  • Providing a presence to ensure everyone behaves

  • Ejecting anyone fighting or causing trouble

  • Pubic liability insurance when working in your venue

  • Promoting a safe and sophisticated environment

  • Professional, polite, adaptable and approachable security personnel

  • Appropriate incident reports for both your own records and for the authorities


Venues gain a bad reputation when they hire inexperienced or overly aggressive door staff. Our personnel undergo specific training modules, different to those that operate in other sectors, to integrate seamlessly and provide a presence without appearing too threatening or aggressive.

Our DBS-vetted guards are selected from the industry’s finest and in additional to mandatory SIA licensing, all undertake training modules including Conflict Management, Physical Intervention Skills, Fire Management and Communication Skills. We also have strategic working relationships with police and local authorities, which enable us to monitor trends and respond accordingly.

For a free, discreet and professional consultation, please call Security Presence today on 0800 987 5365 or via our contact form and our management team will shortly be in contact.

Call today on: 0800 987 5365
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