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Retail Security Operatives


Retail security is an increasingly growing concern to many of our clients. Worsened by an economic downturn and high unemployment, even the most unlikely of customers and staff members succumb to temptation, leaving the retail industry particularly vulnerable.


Security Presence understand the economic, demographic and logistical challenges facing our clients and offer highly trained, SIA-licensed guards that will protect your business and stock whilst maintaining public safety.

As front-of-house security, the need for guards who can demonstrate professionalism and strong communication skills is vital in upholding customer relations whilst deterring crime as a figure of authority. Our retail guards undergo specialised training modules to integrate seamlessly with existing staff, so that our clients can carry out ‘business as usual’ under any circumstances.

Our Services Include:

  • Prevention and detection of shoplifting

  • Crowd control of entrances and exits

  • Customer care and assistance to shoppers

  • Civil arrest and police liaison

  • Confrontation management

  • Covert operatives

  • Control room operations (CCTV)

  • Undercover surveillance (covert CCTV)

  • Fire prevention and detection

  • Device tagging

  • First aid and emergency response

  • Legal aspects of retail security

  • Report writing and documentation

  • Professional, polite, adaptable and approachable guards


All our guards are DBS-checked and carefully selected. In addition to mandatory SIA licensing, they are trained in Conflict Management, Physical Intervention Skills, Fire Management and Communication Skills. Security Presence has strategic working relationships with police and local authorities, enabling us to monitor trends and respond accordingly in any situation.

To find out how we can help your retail business, and for a free consultation, call today on 0800 987 5365 or get in touch via our contact form.

Call today on: 0800 987 5365
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