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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides great protection and is a deterrent to individuals considering committing crimes. As crime has risen throughout the recession, CCTV has become a popular and effective choice of deterrent, and is promoted by both police and politicians. Technology adds value, thus becoming cost-effective over time and is recognised by leading insurers.

As CCTV installers, Security Presence offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art camera equipment from high-definition and infrared (for total night coverage) to movement activated and 365-degree dome cameras with powerful zoom functionality. We have solutions for home, retail, event, construction or office use at a cost to suit all budgets. By installing cameras, electrical feeds and monitoring equipment, Security Presenceoffer a single point of contact for all your CCTV needs.

Using the latest in camera technology, evidence produced is admissible in a Court of Law. With facial recognition and ANPR systems also available, faces and registration plates can be recognised from up to a hundred metres.


Our solutions are customised to your specifications and can offer either continual surveillance or motion activation to be viewed locally or streamed to any computer, iPad or smart phone worldwide.

Whether you require a full, multi-level surveillance system with dedicated control room or a single home camera installation, our SIA-licenced installer will attend your premises at a time to suit you – day night or weekend. With the correct application, cameras provide around-the-clock surveillance for your property, business or assets in almost any situation and form a vital part of crime prevention policy. Our services remove the encumbrance of security planning and allow you to focus on your core business.

Our clients include retail, construction, industry, councils and housing associations, and we have successfully achieved more than 500 convictions countering crimes from theft, assault and arson to trespassing, drug-related crime and criminal damage.

Offering competitive pricing, 24/7, 365-day protection and established strategic links with law enforcement and local authorities, our value-added services can benefit you today. For a free professional consultation please call Security Presence today on 0800 987 5365 or complete our contact form.

Call today on: 0800 987 5365
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