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Wiltshire Investigations


When confronting an individual or partner for an accused crime or adultery, it is crucial to have all the facts, not only to maximise the chance of a confession but to avoid counter-claims of deformation of character which may have legal ramifications. Security Presence offers an intelligence-driven solution for all your surveillance/investigatory needs. Whether you doubt the integrity of a colleague, employee or even partner, we offer a tailored methodology that is discreet and cost-effective, and our service includes a personal relationship manager for the duration of the operation.

Our investigators are fully DBS-checked and boast a varied background including ex-police and military. Trained in accordance with SIA guidelines, they use a selection of the latest technologies and variety of unmarked surveillance vehicles monitoring individuals and their trends. Security Presence have strategic working relationships with police and local authorities enabling us to compile evidence efficiently.

Regular Client Requirements Include:

  • Bogus insurance claims

  • Investigation of accidents in the workplace

  • Uncovering fraud

  • Employee absenteeism

  • Internal theft from the workplace

  • Matrimonial breakups / adultery


As every investigation is unique, deployment of a range of strategies and technologies may be necessary. These can include manned or technical surveillance, vehicle tracking and the use of surveillance equipment with audio and/or visual recording capability. In strict adherence to legality and human rights, our investigations maintain integrity and discretion at all times.

By gathering admissible evidence in the form of still photographs, video surveillance (including locations and times) and detailed client reporting, we are able to collaborate our findings in a manner that is considered permitted evidence in a court of law. In cases where assets are discovered that are deemed to be 'proceeds of crime', our services may become even more cost-effective should you benefit from recompense.

For a free, discreet and professional consultation, please call Security Presence today on 0800 987 5365 or via our contact form and find out how we can help.

Call today on: 0800 987 5365
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